Carving Countries is a project established to document and explore the incredible world of woodcarving around the world, from the big carving factories to the small local wood carvers, from the islands of Indonesia and hills of northern Thailand, to the plains of India and foothills of the himalayas.

In November 2014 I set of to journey across Asia, in part by bicycle, planning to interview hundreds of wood carvers across over 10 countries, aiming to provide an overview of carving throughout this incredible continent. As the journey progresses so will this website, regularly updating the blog with short documentaries of wood carvers, photos of their work and their carving techniques.


I want to hear from you! 

You may know of a certain wood carver in Asia you recommend I visit, a unique style of carving or area you wish me to explore, would like to help fund the trip or just want to get in touch. It would be brilliant to hear from you! You can contact me on: carvingcountries@gmail.com 

Who am I? 

DSC03857That’s me on the left, Will Barsley from the UK.

I would describe myself as a beginner in the art of woodcarving, having carved as a hobby for 4 years. The inspiration for this journey really came from my desire to progress as a wood carver and in the process to help and inspire others learn about carving around the world.